Saturday, June 24, 2006

Multiple Reasons to Celebrate!

Hello All!

Good News Travels Fast

The BESTEST of news!! Welcome to the world little Zoe… a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew and Katherine, the proud new parents. So much for all those predictions of a boy. Can’t wait to meet the little lass!

Snack of the week

A slice of tasty cheese on a Sun Rice Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar flavoured rice cake. Tasty, but not nearly near as good as a square of Cadbury chocolate on a salt and vinegar potato chip.

Legends of the week

Go Socceroos! Love your work!

Hello/Goodbye Timon

Finally, some photos! It was with great excitement that we welcomed Timon back to our bonny shores for a few days last weekend. Dinner to celebrate young Robbie’s 30th birthday, and everyone (well, almost everyone) was there at our own private room (well, sort of) at The Pier in Port Melbourne! Check it out…

Timon & Rob - The guests of honour

Timon, Sarah, Matt & Vanessa

Tania, Geordie & Sophie

Fiona, Sass & Jase

Soph & Sonia

Frank & D

Suz & g

Old friends catch up - Timon & Paul

Them's a lotta candles buddy

We wanna see you blow hard!

What are these rabbits doing in here?

Rob & Jamie get to know one another

Go on, tell us how it is Paul...




Click: 2.5/5

Cast: Adam Sandler (Happy Gilmore, Waterboy), Kate Beckinsale (Underworld, Pearl Harbour), Christopher Walken (Wedding Crashers, Weapon of Choice videoclip), The Hoff (surely he needs no introduction).

In a Nutshell: Bruce Almighty without the annoying actor that overacts.

Synopsis: Michael Newman is frustrated with his life. He wants that promotion to happen now. Then someone hands him a remote control that enables him to fast forward the boring bits. Is it a case of the grass is always greener?

Slight variation on the Bruce Almighty storyline. Nothing much new. Did get a bit teary and emotive in the last minutes though.

Stick It: 2.25/5

Cast: Jeff Bridges (Fisher King), Missy Peregrym (mainly TV appearances)

In a Nutshell: If you are not in the target audience 10-15 year old girls, you may find this a little silly.

Synopsis: Instead of juvenile detention a girl gets sent to gymnastics academy where she has to overcome having choked and let down the American team at world championships a few years back.

The first half of this movie is extremely clumsy and hard to watch. The main character and her voice overs are annoying and alienating, and the supporting characters are unlikeable and ridiculous stereotypes. The move only gets good once they get into the gymnastics action. However the ending, as predicted, is predictable…

Cars: 4.25/5

Cast: Owen Wilson (Shanghai Noon, Zoolander), Paul Newman (Colour of Money)

In a Nutshell: Pixar can do no wrong – gorgeously funny

Synopsis: A successful rookie racing car, on the verge of becoming a champion, gets lost in the middle of nowhere where he meets some of the strange locals.

Ka-Chow!! Having read some reviews I went in with low expectations, I should have known Pixar wouldn’t let me down. It does take a bit to come to terms with the fact that the whole world is populated with talking cars, but the wonder of spectacular animation allows this to be possible. Some of the characters are absolutely gorgeous and hilarious too (we laughed so much louder than everyone else I am surprised we didn’t get kicked out), especially Guido and Mater. However, the love interest is not particularly that interesting unfortunately. I found it more heartfelt than The Incredibles, but not quite as engaging as Nemo – a very high standard to live up to indeed, but it does mostly succeed. Stay through the credits.

Caché (Hidden): 1/5

Cast: Daniel Auteuil (Every French movie that Gerard Depardieu is not in), Juliette Binoche (English Patient, Chocolat)

In a Nutshell: Watching stalactites grow is more interesting

Synopsis: A family begin receiving disturbing video tapes which begins play on their minds and cause rifts in their relationships.

“Suspense”, “Thriller”… sure you didn’t see another movie? I found this movie incredibly boring, and dare I say it? - A pretentious waste of time. I didn’t know suspense could put a person to sleep, I will try it next time I have insomnia. Cath, sitting next to me, got at least a solid 30mins of sleep in. And yet, it has been consistently getting at least 4 stars with the critics… am I that uncultured, did I miss a crucial point in the section where the white subtitles disappeared into the white background? There were some interesting ideas, like the relationship between the family members (none of whom are particularly endearing), and you could see a lot of thought had gone into the artistry, the still shots at the start and the detail of the settings bringing richness to the characters, but it was just sooooo slow. Then after sitting through 2 hours of excruciatingly slow “suspense”, the ending does not make much sense at all – and no, I did not miss the twist, I just thought it was nonsensical and totally incongruent with the rest of the movie. The only good thing about this movie is that it almost forces the audience to gather and drink cafĂ©’s after in order to untangle the frustrated mess of one’s mind.



Just Friends: 2.5/5

Cast: Ryan Reynolds (Blade Trinity, Van Wilder), Amy Smart (Starsky & Hutch), Anna Farris (Scary Movies – no, that is the name of the series of movies), Chris Klein (American Pie)

In a Nutshell: Amusing, great cast, average story/script

Synopsis: Guy who was once a fat kid in love with his best friend returns to his home town as a cynical, good looking womaniser.

Bad news first – once you find out the basic plot, the storyline is so predictable it hurts. Everything happens when and where you expect, and the script is lame. The good news – the cast is a cracker. Anna Farris does a great impression of Ashley Simpson/Britney/white trailer trash. Chris Klein (one very good looking dude) is surprising in a role slightly different to what you would normally see him in - very good support. Finally, Ryan Reynold’s comic timing is spot on perfect, he definitely has talent, it is just a pity he doesn’t have more to work with.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pet Hate of the Day

When swimming there are several things I hate (from bad to worst):

  1. Morons
  2. Morons swimming a slow breast stroke in the medium lane
  3. Morons swimming a very slow breast stroke in the medium lane that I am swimming in
  4. Morons swimming an extremely slow breast stroke in the medium lane that I am swimming in that cause me to have to switch from freestyle to breast stroke because I have caught up with them
  5. Morons swimming an excruciatingly slow breast stroke in the medium lane that I am swimming in, causing me to switch from freestyle to breast stroke, that don’t stop to let me pass at the end of the lane even though I am close enough to squeeze their ugly butt by the time we reach the wall. Please refer to Diagram 1 (me in the silver cap!).
Diagram 1

On the up side, I managed to get close to my swimming goal of the year of swimming 3km in an hour. For the first time I made 3km, but it was more like 75mins. I blame it on all the idiots who have the time to swim during the daytime and made me swap lanes 4 times to get away from them...of course that was the reason. ;-)


Poseidon: 2.5/5

Cast: Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama, Stealth), Kurt Russell (Backdraft, Overboard), Richard Dreyfuss (Mr Holland’s Opus, Jaws)

In a nutshell: Cross between Titanic and Armageddon, neither being truly great movies.

Synopsis: Freak wave causes huge cruise ship to overturn on New Year’s Eve. A small group of survivors try to escape before the ship sinks.

It is passable, however this feels like Titanic but without the mushy love story, or any character development for that matter. Why did they bother? I’m not a feminist, but it annoyed me that all the women were helpless and fragile. Twice I found myself happy that one of the characters died because they were a big pain in the arse. The highlight of the movie for me was the bright blueness of Josh Lucas’ eyes… dreamy… but not the stuff that movies are made of.