Monday, September 10, 2007

Cars in the UK

In all the excitement of actually publishing a blog entry... I forgot that I had wanted to talk about cars in the UK. So this is just a bit of a postscript to my last blog I guess.

While looking to buy a car here, as with anything else that you become "expert" in, we really started to notice other cars on the road.

The English car population seems to have a completely different demographic to that in Australia. In particular, having come from Darwin, where every second vehicle on the road is good Aussie ute or truck of some sort, there is none of that here. Being so close to Europe and with much narrower streets, I don't think I have seen Commodore or Falcon here, instead there are a lot more luxury cars. Especially in the Shrivenham area, it is common to see a Jaguar or a Porshe. Our local pub always has a Lotus parked in the back... not sure if it is theirs. There is also a very high incidence of Mini's... Swindon is where they assemble them. :)

The strangest thing for me is that number of brands that actually make station wagons that I have never seen in the Australia. Volvo, BMW, Mercedes, MG station wagon! Jaguar station wagon! Ridiculous!