Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's about time...

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you enjoyed your weekends whether or not you managed to get away.

Gideon is studying (when he's not playing Team Fortress 2) for five exams in a couple of weeks time, so we've had a pretty quiet one here. We did, however, make the one hour trip to Bath for a salsa social on Saturday night. My first salsa in four months and it was just divine!

It's spring here now, some of the trees have already started to blossom. You may not know it though, it's still very cold and mostly grey outside. Saturday was a crazy day, there was hail, snow and sun, hail, snow and sun all in 1 hour.

Snow... then hail in our front yard...

10 minutes later... sun in our front yard.

So, since my last blog entry, I've been to New York, Melbourne and The Henges. Photos will be posted... eventually! I also started a job a few weeks ago at a RM, a company that provides technology for education and schools, in their Assessment and Data department. My role is as a support administrator, but so far, it has been quite challenging trying to get up to speed with all the jargon and processes. It's sort of a hybrid of admin/reporting/customer service and performance management, so it should keep me busy and entertained until we leave the UK.

Anyway, I'd better get to bed... but hopefully this will be the start of regular blogging to come!

Take care all!

Love gayle xoxo