Sunday, March 29, 2009

One of the things I miss most about the UK...

The large concentration of Take That fans.

I miss hearing Take That songs regularly on commercial radio, and DJ's actually being excited about playing Take That songs.

Sometimes I feel very lonely here in Australia in my love for Take That. I have been listening to their latest album 'The Circus' and really enjoying it. Perhaps it is a little more 'easy listening' than modern pop, a little closer to what Gary Barlow was writing when he was solo and had no sucess with (just goes to show how well marketing works and the subtleties of it all). Still, I think it's a pretty decent album.

In the UK it was the fastest selling album this decade and second fastest ever, selling 1 million copies in 19 days. It went 6 times platinum in the UK and apparently was the 27th best selling album in the world in 2008.

And yet, I have heard next to nothing about it in Australia.