Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cursed with ALDH deficiency


Sitting at home on a Saturday night feeling sorry for myself and getting teary over Two Weeks Notice (sad sad case).

Tonight was all set to be a huge night… going out to celebrate the young and totally glamourous Clare’s 30th birthday.  Was all dressed up and looking hot (well, about as hot as Gayle can look). Instead I was stupid, had half a glass of champagne, ended up feeling dodgey and went home early leaving everyone else to party on.  Such a wuss. So disappointing.


I can’t drink.  Evidence item 1 – our trip to York a couple of years ago. According to

“The commonest abnormal reaction to alcohol is seen in persons from an oriental background, who get flushing, increased heart rate, and symptoms of reduced blood pressure. This is sometimes referred to as 'oriental flushing syndrome'. Approximately 50% of Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans are deficient in ALDH, and this has been reported to be protective against the development of alcoholism.”

Where Aldehyde Dehydrogenase (ALDH) is an enzyme that is needed to metabolise the alcohol into acetic acid (vinegar).


Turns out I must get hit by this a little more than the average Oriental.  When drinking I go ridiculously pink, my heart races abnormally, sometimes I feel like I’m going to faint, and on some occasions I have.  As a result I think I have developed some paranoia about fainting which makes me panic at any sign of fainting which makes it even more likely!


Feeling very left out of all the fun, and I have no one to blame but myself.  You think I would grow up and be more responsible after 33 years.  I guess you could say it is giving into peer pressure… sometimes it is just not fun to be the only sober person surrounded by drunk people.


Upside is I got home early, definitely feeling somewhat less nauseous, and have been entertained by some faraway friends on Skype.


I also have to admit to having had a gorgeous day with Clare and her beautiful friends on a day trip to Hepburn Springs.  Relaxing in mineral baths/spas followed up by Devonshire tea… what a perfect day.  Didn’t get any photos of the girls (my antiquated camera has been dropped one too many times), but I did get a  photo of the place.  Thanks for including me in the fun girls.  And Clare, hope you had a really special day and night.  Can’t wait to make it up to you with some partying in Melbourne some time soon. xoxo


0911 Summer Misc 006

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So Hot Right Now…

Well, my promise to blog every day didn’t last  very long, did it.  But more than once in one week is a good start at least :)

Summer is finally here!  After getting up week after week at 6am in pitch black, doing exercise in the dark in a cold sweat with freezing cold hands and whinging continually about it, I’m now complaining about how hot it is.

Perhaps if I think cold thoughts….

Here are some photos from my sister’s Hen’s night at Chill On Ice Bar in Melbourne.

0905 Lynn Wedding20090331_21

0905 Lynn Wedding20090331_33c

I remember we couldn’t wait to get out of the bar, it was too cold, counting down the seconds till the end of our allocated 30 minutes! 


0905 Lynn Wedding20090331_19






0905 Lynn Wedding20090331_31

Saturday, November 07, 2009

The start of a new regime

So glad summer is here.  Definitely makes getting up at 6am in the morning for exercise easier.  Gets me all excited to get back to doing stuff like waking up (only marginally more likely to happen), going out for a drink, catching up with friends, going for a bike ride… and maybe even updating the blog.

Going to attempt something unheard of here… will try to update each day, even if it is with just a random photo.  Afterall I have about 18 months worth of photos that I still haven’t blogged.

Here’s one now, a rememberance of Autumn now long past.

0904 Misc20090322_33