Friday, September 24, 2010

10 Days of Parenthood

It has only been 10 days so far, but it feels like months.  So much has happened in the last fortnight.

Pregnancy was a very gradual experience, but becoming a parent has been a bit of a leap into the unknown.  As our baby grows, so do we.  A very steep learning curve.

The labour itself was very long and somewhat painful… but as I have often heard from mothers who have done it more than once, memories of it are already beginning to fade.  The C-section came as a huge relief in the end.

I spent the first night with the tiny munchkin sleeping on my chest -  precious first hours.  The few nights were not so good, the hungry little thing seemed to want to feed all night.

Breast feeding has been the most challenging aspect. Am I doing it right?  Is she getting enough?  Sore breasts and nipples… and a very unsettled non-sleeping young lass for the first few nights when the milk was yet to come in.

Since then life has been on a hour by hour basis, revolving around her sleeping and feeding times.  But so far we seemed to have been blessed with a beautiful, healthy and mostly good sleeper. Knock on wood.

Here are a few photos of our adventures so far:


Favourite past times – resting/napping/sleeping.

Thank you Geordie and Sophie for the Wrap Me Up swaddle, it makes her look like a little angel!




Hanging out with some visitors.  Aunty Lynn & Cousin James (left), Daniella (below left) and Geoff (Below right).






201008_Misc_20100819_01Stepping out with Daddy for some furniture shopping. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It’s all about who you know


The Expendables: 2.5/5


Cast: Sylvester Stallone (Rocky 1-6), Jason Statham (Transporter 1-3), Jet Li (Once Upon a Time in China 1-3) + other miscellaneous ageing former cult action stars.

In a nutshell: Laughable, but strangely entertaining

Synopsis: A highly skilled band of mercenaries are hired to assassinate the dictator of a small South American Island.

The acting, the plot, the action, the editing, the script and the directing are suspect all round.  And yet, with the cast that Sly has managed to gather and the tongue-in-cheek tact he has taken, you can’t help but enjoy yourself.