Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Last week Jade turned one month old. It feels as if we have had her a lot longer, so much has happened and we have learnt so much about being parents to a newborn baby. And just as we are getting used to having our new play-thing she continues to change and grow every day… I imagine we will continue to learn how to be parents for the next twenty or so years.

201010_More Baby_20100913_36

This is the birthday bun I bought in celebration… of course it was completely for my own benefit.

Last Monday was also Jade’s 4-week check up. She continues to grow at a healthy rate, weighing 3.985kg and measuring 54.5cm tall. I feel very blessed to have a healthy little girl (that is, when she’s not crying).

201010_More Baby_20100910_05

Helping Daddy with the washing.

201010_More Baby_20100910_06

Hmmm… maybe washing is not so interesting.

201010_More Baby_20100910_08

Yes, some of the singers on X Factor really are that bad.

201010_More Baby_20100911_09 201010_More Baby_20100912_11

L: Favourite sleeping position – The Running Man

R: @ Bath time

201010_More Baby_20100913_21 Hanging out with Poh-poh.

201010_More Baby_20100913_25

Monday, October 11, 2010

Little Squeaker a.k.a. Jade

After months of being asked “Do you have a name yet?”, culminating in some intense cajoling from eager family and friends in the last month, we finally got off our arses and made a decision!

I had gotten used to using all sorts of pet names in lieu of a proper name and that is probably going to be a hard habit to break.  So our Baby Girl, Little Squeaker, Pumpkin, Sweetie, Little Munchkin, Cheeky Monkey, Rainbow, Snorkler, Little Piggy shall henceforth be called:

Jade Arwyn Meiyu Rann


Of the long list of names we had, we narrowed it down to a few favourites and Jade seemed to suit our little lady the most.  Arwyn is a nod to Gideon’s Welsh heritage.  Meiyu is her Chinese name, and literally means beautiful jade.

Other than that, not much other news to report.  Time is going fast, and Jade is nearly a month old already.  Every day she seems to have grown and even her looks have changed slightly as her face fills out a little. 

Here are some shots from playtime.


201010_More Baby_20100902_05 201010_More Baby_20100902_22   201010_More Baby_20100904_03



201010_More Baby_20100906_26 201010_More Baby_20100906_27 



201010_More Baby_20100907_02 201010_More Baby_20100907_04

Monday, October 04, 2010

Spring has sprung, and so have the babies!

Spring is my favourite time of year.  Most likely it is due to the occurrence of my birthday, but also the appearance of blossoms and the pleasant temperatures (questionable in Melbourne) make for a lovely time of year.

Spring is also known as the time of year for babies, whether they be animals or human.  To prove the point, my Congratulations and love go out to Katherine & Andrew who gave birth to Penelope (Poppy) last week, and Lisa & Ben who also welcomed Dylan to the world (on Lisa’s birthday no less!).



Beautiful spring blossoms on our visit to the Maternal & Child Health Nurse


Also worth mentioning from the last week or so… the Pies won the grand final on that special last weekend of September…hmmm… make that the first weekend of October (and earned the AFL, Channel 7 and MCG a heap of extra money!).  And we had a special visit from our proud paternal grandparents from up north.



Anne-Marie has cuddle with her first grandchild.


201008_Misc_20100824_05Grandpa David has a chat with his grand daughter



Family photo, out for a walk at the lakes



All the grandparents


And with regards to our own little cherry blossom, she is growing quickly (above average at 350g between visits with the nurse).  For everyone who has been asking, we still have not finalised a name, although we are very close now.



Play time with Daddy



Looking all rock ‘n’ roll for the camera.  Thanks to for all from Credit Risk for the gorgeous hamper-box (including cute t-shirt and socks) and Lynn for the stripy pants!