Monday, August 28, 2006

Short and Sweet...of course!


Huge congrats to Milo on his upcoming debt. The lad has finally gone and got himself a dwelling of his very own. Good stuff Mooch.


Been dancing lots. Almost 7 straight hours last Saturday. Salsa & Le Bop.

Sadly last Friday was the last weekly Park Hyatt. They will now only be on the last Friday of every month...the next one is the 29th of September for anyone who is up for a bit of a salsa!

Then the Le Bop ball is coming up on the 9th of September. Tickets are only $38 if anyone is interested in coming along (Details Lots of dancing and performances (Gideon & I are both involved). The theme is DISCO FEVER - it is going to be awesome! I finally get to fulfill my dream to BECOME A DISCO BALL! :D


Hmmmm.... the big 30 is coming up soon. There is a plan in the works to party in true Rainbowg style...I will have details as soon as I can confirm a thing or two. Will be one of the last 3 Saturdays of October.... I know, not very specific.... stay tuned.

Little Zoe gives us a smile.
What a heartbreaker!

More soon, I promise!
Love g xoxox

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One Day Snow Season


First things first.

CONGRATULATIONS Qwerty on making it to the Grand Final! – only the second time in our long history. And an even bigger congrats to the players on playing so well in the final – losing by only 6 (34-40) in a very aggressive and fast paced game, to the team who was unbeaten all season (pretty much). A big thanks to all our supporters who yelled loudly and waved orange pompoms in the stands… we definitely had the best and loudest fans!


Can you believe it? It finally dumped all of 20cm in one week! The Victorian snow season has been a big fizzer this year, and the natural snow level finally got up to 40cm the first week of August. Compared to any other year or country, it’s still crap, but Paul, Tania & I decided we would take what we could get, and headed up to Falls Creek for a day of boarding.

On the upside, the weather was sublime – perfect blue skies (something absent last year) – I found myself sweltering in all my layers. The snow was also surprisingly good, dry and relatively even… that is as long as you kept to the main trails where all the man made was.
Perfect for Tania & I, beginner/intermediate boarders… Paul got bored a little more quickly (as you would if you had only just been to the Japanese mountains).

I enjoyed the day, taking it easy, remembering how to board again and practising some switch and 360 turns. Unfortunately the day ended a little more early for Paul & Tania due to a lost strap and twisted knee respectively. Still, we all went home in one piece, more or less and had a little taste of snow to keep us going for maybe a few more months. Here are some happy snaps!

Start of the day.
Look at them blue skies!
Big grin from Paulie.
Anticipation of those oh so sweet turns.

The good stuff... crisp white snow...
good enough to eat. Yum.

View from Drover's Dream.

Paul & Tania - professional boarders!

G&T rev up for some hardcore snow action.

Tania executes some silky smooth turns.

Is ths heaven?

USS Voyager?... no, just a chair lift.

Suspicious black hooded people skiing very close in groups of four.

P&T, get a lift.

Photo of the day:

School Bus in the snow...Cool.
Boarder jumping over bus.... even cooler!
(you can just see him if you look hard).

Snow Angel!
What a lovely day. :)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blogging at the speed of

Just a very quick entry...
Hopefully tomorrow will bring a bigger and brighter blog entry about our trip to Falls Creek - complete with some pretty pictures. In the meantime....

Here are a couple of random photos and a couple of movie reviews:

Games Night at the Mulbert
Pop Trivial Pursuit in full swing
The Girls kicked arse!
(Although the boys did win Outburst)

Southgate on a beautiful morning.
I love you Melbourne.




Miami Vice: 2.75/5

Cast: Colin Farrell (Phone Booth), Jamie Foxx (Ray), Gong Li (Memoirs of a Geisha)

In a nutshell: Testosterone all the way

Brief Synopsis: Based on a 1980’s TV series. After a security breach and a few murders, the FBI recruit Two Miami cops go undercover as drug traffickers to find out who is responsible.

This is one for the boys. Cops, guns, cars, speedboats, gratuitous/graphic violence, and gratuitous (and clumsily done) sex scenes. The movie starts off great, with a very Collateral feel to it, Michael Mann manages to build up the tension and intrigue perfectly with some clever camera work and sound directing. Unfortunately, around 20-30 minutes in, when the romance kicks in, that’s where it loses us girls. That doesn’t seem to make much sense does it? It’s romance done badly – key factor – realistically Collin Farrell as Sonny, could not attract a moth if he was on fire… and yet he is supposedly a chick magnet, plus there just seems to be no chemistry between him and Isabella (Li), which makes quite a large chunk of the movie seem somewhat incredible. Perhaps it was just Colin Farrell, his acting is pretty woeful in this one, but I don’t think he can be blamed for all of it. Jamie Foxx has a smaller part, but he is ok in a part that doesn’t particularly stretch him at all. Sadly, once lost I could not be found, the rest of the movie was a bit of a laugh for me… and yet, I think a large majority of men will like this one.

Hoodwinked: 2.8/5

Cast (voices): Glen Close, Anne Hathaway, James Belushi, Patrick Warburton

In a nutshell: Nice to see a new kid on the block, but needs some more practice.

Brief Synopsis: Fairytale satire – someone is stealing all the recipes from the local food producers, who is the culprit?

This one is a little strange, and yet is very refreshing because it is neither a Pixar or a Dreamworks computer animated feature film. The tone and humour of the film is obviously different from what we are used to seeing in our cartoon diets, perhaps a little more adult, even more so than Shrek. A satire, the premise is clever, and the characters are attractive, in a more intriguing way rather than a cutesy way. However, the pace is not quite as quick and witty as its peers, many of the jokes appear in the trailer and most unfortunately one of the plot twists happens to be exactly the same as one in Over the Hedge which was released a couple of months previously. All in all, not a bad effort, but needs a bit more spit and polish.